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    Successful continental Archery Coach Trainers course 2014 in Colombia

    Lausanne (SUI) - Thursday, June 05, 2014
    Successful continental Archery Coach Trainers course 2014 in Colombia

    Sixteen coaches took part in a World Archery level 1 Coach Trainers course in Medellin from 19 to 28 May right after the second stage of this season's Archery World Cup. The event was supported by the Olympic Solidarity.

    The intensive programme of about 80 hours delivered 16 level 1 Archery Coach Trainers Candidates and left Mr Pascal COLMAIRE, World Archery Development and Education Director, satisfied: "The cohesion of the group was extremely good. A high number of the participants seem able to become World Archery certified level 1 Coach Trainers. Their action will strengthen the current progress of archery in the American and Caribbean region."

    The course also faced some challenges: scheduled for 14 people and one language over 10 days, it ended up hosting 16 participants and was held in two languages.

    The candidates, who needed be active archery level 2 coaches for at least one year, will now have to conduct a level 1 archery coaching course within the year following their training course, as a first step in the process to obtain World Archery certification.

    The continent will then benefit from more level 1 coaches and more consistent training. Besides, as Coach Trainers will be from the same region, course expenses will be lower, and the cultural background and language between the experts and their audience will be closer.

    The World Archery Americas authorities said this is the way to help the countries have a local expert to improve the education in archery. They underlined that such an event allows participants to share knowledge, different cultures and expertise.

    Coach Trainers Candidates for the Americas:

    Manuel BARTUMEU (DOM)
    Jorge CABRERA (ARG)
    Sandra ZUNIGA (ECU)
    Freddy ONATE (ECU)
    Alex RIVAS (ESA)
    Carlos MEDA (GUA)
    Rodrigo SABORIDO (CRC)
    Ruth ROWE (ISV)
    George VIRE (TTO)
    Diana ROLDAN (COL)
    Hernando OYOLA (COL)
    Nixon GUAYABO (COL)
    Erley TRIANA (COL)
    Christian MARIN (COL)

    People who would be interested in becoming coach trainers should register for a course to their respective member association and meet the following requirement: be an active level 2 coach for at least one year and commit to complete the entire education/evaluation programme (see attachment for more details).


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