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    Medellin 2014 on social media: What to watch, what to watch…?

    Medellin (COL) - Tuesday, May 20, 2014
    Medellin 2014 on social media: What to watch, what to watch…?

    Athletes, officials and fans have been Tweeting, Instagram-ing and Facebook-ing their way through Medellin 2014. Here’s what we’ve spotted on social media in the last week…

    Victory smiles… looking good on Germany!

    From athlete to artificer… or anarchist… this Colombian star doesn't just shoot bows, she makes them.

    Everyone loves Korea, including Greg Easton.

    Want the best view of the finals? It comes from the commentary box…

    Football or archery? … is that even a choice?!


    look, he’s done it again. Under pressure, time running down, the Olympic Champion delivers a perfect shot.

    Stuck in a lift with your team? Selfie time!

    That laser focus: gold for Dutch pro

    Peter ELZINGA


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