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    Accreditation of new judges at 2014 Seminar in Phoenix

    Lausanne (SUI) - Wednesday, April 23, 2014
    Accreditation of new judges at 2014 Seminar in Phoenix

    A judge seminar was held in Phoenix, Arizona, on 1-3 April, and was attended by 23 participants from seven countries

    International judges Tom GREEN and Sergio FONT conducted the seminar.

    The following judges were upgraded to:

    International Judge Candidates

    Guillermina GARCIA (MEX)
    Jesus GUEVARA (ESA)
    Saruul ENKHBAT (MGL)
    Carlos Alberto CERVANTES (MEX)
    Sheri RHODES (USA)
    Michael CULLUMBER (USA)

    Abdullah Sharaf M. ABUSHAL (KSA)

    Continental Judges

    John STOVER (USA)
    Douglas LUDWIG (USA)

    Megan TIERNEY (USA)

    World Archery congratulates them for successfully passing the exam and is proud to welcome them as new World Archery Judges.

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