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    Invisible forcefields and archery legends on Twitter

    Lausanne (SUI) - Monday, April 14, 2014
    Invisible forcefields and archery legends on Twitter

    Olympic Champions Jay BARRS and Juan-Carlos HOLGADO opened the latest Easton Archery Centre in Salt Lake this week – here’s what else our social media maestros have spotted!

    Did somebody put some kind of forcefield around the yellow?

    Anyone looking forward to Medellin 2014, stage two of this year’s Archery World Cup ?

    Just a pair of Olympic Champions on hand to open the brand-new Easton Archery Centre in Salt Lake City, USA…

    Archery icon, former World Archery president, Jim EASTON picked up some ace new headgear.

    Nice mid-morning snack, OH!

    American music star Luke BRYAN’s been trying out his skills on a 3D range.

    Another two medals to the haul. What a trophy cabinet (or wall)!

    Nice one, Martin DAMSBO! Danish archer of the year, shared with another new world champ, Maja JAGER.

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