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Archery: An Olympic History - English
Constitution and Rules Book - English
Constitution and Rules Book - French
Constitution and Rules Book -Greek (unofficial translation)
Constitution and Rules Book- Binder - English/French
Medical Book 1 - English
Medical Book 2 - English

Medical Book 2 - Italian - Extracts
Historical Booklet - English
Historical Booklet- French
Historical Booklet- Spanish
Coaches Manual Level 1 - English
Coaches Manual Level1 - French
Coaches Manual Level 2 - English
Coaches Manual Level 2- French
Annual Reports
World Archery Annual Report -English/French
The Target Magazine
The Target Magazine - English/French

World Archery Brand Identitdy Guidelines - English


World Archery Communication Style Guide- English


FITA Online Registration System (FORS)- User Guide- English
Field Archery Guidelines - English
Field Archery Guidelines- French
Field Archery Organisers Manual - English (no photos)
Judges' Guide Book - Version 3.0, Nov. 2012- English
(no printed version available - will be updated following recommendations by C&R Committee)
Judges' Guide Book- Slovenian (unofficial translation, 2006)
Beginner's Manual - English
Beginner's Manual- French
Beginner's Manual- Flamish
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