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Congress 2005 - Madrid (ESP)

The 46th FITA Congress took place in Madrid, Spain on 18-19 June 2005, on the eve of the World Outdoor Target Championships 2005.xtfrfr
Outcomes of 2005 FITA Congress Decisions
Executive Committee
Ugur Erdener, President
Paul Paulsen, First Vice President
Bob Smith, Vice President, from 20/6/2005 to 19/6/2006 - Philippe Bouclet, Vice President, from 17/6/2006 till the end of the 2007 Congress in Leipzig
Tom Dielen, Secretary General
C&R Committee
Since Tom Dielen is now Secretary General, the FITA President in consultation with the C&R Chairman has appointed Giuseppe (Beppe) Cinnirella as member of the C&R Committee until next Congress. We are pleased that Beppe has accepted this nomination.
Other Committees
The Committee Chairpeople of the re-elected committees will be confirmed as soon as possible by the President. In the meantime please send any communication to:
Don Rabska, archerydr@eastonsports.com (Technical Committee)
Karol Hibner, karol.hibner@poczta.cebit.com.pl (Medical Committee)
Zhang Xiuzhi, zhangxiuzhi@sport.gov.cn (Target Archery Committee)
Rathin Datta, rathin@cal2.vsnl.net.in (DTAC)

Bylaws decisions at 2005 Madrid Congress

Lausanne - 1 July 205
All bylaws have been confirmed by Congress except the followings:

Book 1, Chapter 1, Article (replace)
Book 1, Chapter 3, Article, second bullet

Both bylaws were adopted by Council on 28 November 2004. They are now no longer valid.

Summary of decisions in relation to the Laws 
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