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Colombian ICECP graduate visits World Archery HQ Colombian ICECP graduate visits World Archery HQ
Lausanne (SUI) - Monday, May 11, 2015

Olympic Maria Victoria ECHAVARRIA recently graduated from the USA Olympic Committee’s international coach development programme – ICECP. She visited World Archery’s headquarters in Lausanne for advice on improving the national coaching structure in her home country of Colombia.

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Albania Archery hosts successful technical coaches course in Tirana Albania Archery hosts successful technical coaches course in Tirana
Tirana (ALB) - Monday, March 16, 2015

The young federation, whose permanent affiliation to World Archery will go to vote at the next Congress in July, hosted their first technical course for coaches from 23 February to 6 March 2015.

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Second Edition of Entry Level Coaching Manual Released Second Edition of Entry Level Coaching Manual Released
Lausanne (SUI) - Thursday, March 05, 2015

The second edition of World Archery’s Entry Level Coaching Manual is now available online and for download

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Icelandic Archery Committee hosts successful technical coaches' course Icelandic Archery Committee hosts successful technical coaches' course
Lausanne (SUI) - Thursday, January 29, 2015

Following an important growth of the sport on the island these last two years the Icelandic Archery Committee hosted a coaches’ course to improve the level of club coaches

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Successful Olympic Solidarity level 3 coaches course in Argentina Successful Olympic Solidarity level 3 coaches course in Argentina
Lausanne (SUI) - Thursday, November 13, 2014
Sixteen enthusiastic participants getting communication and pedagogical knowledge at World Archery level 3 coaches course in Rosario
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WACS 2013 Presentations


World Archery Coaching
by Pascal COLMAIRE

Brazilian Masterplan Olympic Archery

Mexico's Approach to Strength Training

Archery Development in Mexico

Olympic Solidarity Presentation

by Peter SUK

PVC Bow - The Colombian Experience
by Diego Alejandro TORRES CARDONA

Managing Archer's Attitudes
by Juan Carlos HOLGADO

Links to videos found in this presentation:


KIM's Technique
by KIM Hyung Tak

Doug DENTON - Presentation to come

Coaching Priorities
by LEE Kisik

Coaching Outline
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WACS 2013 Photos

Committee Members

Mr Kenneth George BEARMAN
3 Beacon Hill
East Sussex TN39 5DF
United Kingdom
Term: 2015
F: +44 (1424) 736478
Mr KIM Hyung-Tak
Coach Kim Archery Training Center
Seobuli 175
Goesangun Geosanup Chungbuk
Term: 2015
W: +82 (43) 8346060
M: +82 (11) 4104263
F: +82 (43) 8347171
Mr LEE Ki Sik
National Head Coach
1 Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Term: 2015
W: +1 (619) 4826158
M: +1 (719) 3516704
F: +1 (619) 4826157

Coaches' Committee

The Coaches' Committee mission is to represent coaches and coaching interests within the membership of World Archery and help to develop Archery in close collaboration with the other World Archery Committees, following and supporting World Archery goals.
We are working and focusing on the following goals:

  • COACHING INTEREST: increase the number of Archery Coaches worldwide.
  • COACHING QUALITY: increase the ability and technical level of the Archery Coaches.
  • MATERIAL FOR COACHES EDUCATION: prepare and edit any document that will support and work as a tool for the use of Archery Development worldwide.
  • COACHES MANUALS: develop, coordinate, prepare, edit and publish Coaches Manuals in both World Archery official languages.
Note: The Coaches Manual Entry Level is already available, and very soon the second edition will be published. We are also working on publishing it in French, and that will be ready soon. The Second Level Coaches Manual is being prepared.

  • COACHES’ SEMINARS & CLINICS: organize and hold "Coaching Course Conductors’ Clinic", Coaches top level seminars with updated information for Coaches worldwide.
  • CODE OF ETHICS: publish a "Code of Ethics for Coaches" in English and French which will be available on the World Archery Web very soon.
  • REPRESENT COACHES INTERESTS: represent Coaches and their interests within the World Archery structure, World Archery Council and World Archery Congress. Give the Coaches point of view and an influence in World Archery rules.
  • PROFESSIONALISATION: contribute to increasing the number of professional Archery Coaches and get a recognised certification.
  • EXPERT SELECTION: develop and maintain a database of coaches who have the ability and willingness to contribute to the Olympic Solidarity (OS) and DTAC missions. Improve the Experts’ appointment and selection process for each OS and DTAC mission, making it transparent and fair.
  • ARCHERY CENTERS: identify the archery centers that will accept any potential user.

The Coaches Committee is are willing to help Archery development worldwide, as coaches are one of the most important parts of this process.

Our Vision

This vision has been set at the Coaches Committee meeting in Saquarema (BRA) on 1 December 2013.

The committee sees the future of archery coaches as follows:

  • Several Coaching Education opportunities (initial or continued) offered from
    • The WA centre in Lausanne (from 2015)
    • Several WA accredited partner centres in different locations over the world
  • In these centres, resident archers will be needed as teaching support
  • An increase of the use of modern technologies, particularly for analyses
  • The professionalisation of the archery coach will keep going
  • Use of E-learning for:
    • Pre-training
    • Follow-up of the initial education
    • Continuing education
  • The use of classical coaching course will remain
  • A WA E-Coaching assistance
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