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Constitution and Rules (C&R) Committee

Book 1 Article 1.17.1 sums up the role of the C&R Committee and covers most of its activities.

A Constitution and Rules Committee of three deals with matters covered by the World Archery Constitution and Rules covering Eligibility, Championships, Tournaments, Records and Awards.

  • The committee will prepare the new Constitution and Rules Book including all the rule changes agreed by Congress and any approved interpretations.
  • It will clarify the wording of the rules as well as correct mistakes and omissions.
  • The Chairperson of the C&R Committee attends Council meetings having an advisory function but no vote.
Book 1 Article 1.16.8, Article 1.16.9, and Article 6.6.1 of Appendix 1 to Book 1 describe further functions of the committee.

Questions can be submitted by Member Associations or by members of Council through the Secretary General who will forward them to the appropriate committee(s). If a question covers a matter relevant to more than one committee, those Committees will examine it with the co-ordination by the Chairperson of the Constitution and Rules Committee.

1.16.9 All other replies by Committees will be submitted to the Constitution and Rules Committee which will check they are not contrary to existing rules or Congress decisions, and will forward the replies to the Secretary General for immediate distribution to Member Associations, Council, the Permanent Committees, and to all World Archery Judges.

Appendix 1 Article 6.6.1
The Secretary General will refer all motions for Bylaws to the relevant Permanent Committees and the Constitution & Rules Committee for review and recommendation. The Permanent Committees will submit their responses to the Secretary General within 21 days of receipt of the suggested Bylaws. The Secretary General will distribute the motions for Bylaws with the Committee’s recommendations to the Constitution & Rule Committee to verify:

  • That the submitted motions to Bylaws are determined as Bylaws, and
  • The ByLaw as submitted or amended by the Permanent Committee is consistent with the existing World Archery Laws & Bylaws. The Constitution & Rules Committee will respond to the Secretary General, within 21 days of receipt of the report from the Permanent Committee, with its recommendations on the report’s compliance with the conditions of above.

The C&R committee tries to give you clear and understandable rules and to explain these rules to you. It cooperates with the Permanent committees, with Council and with the Executive Committee to make sure that decisions and publications are in line with your Constitution and Rules Book.

We consider it our task to serve YOU, to serve World Archery.

Your C&R Committee

Constitution and Rules (C&R) Committee Members

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