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Information from Judges and Coaches Committees

In 2009 there were many competitions where archers were either confused or just did not know the rules or regulations currently in place. This resulted in many delays being encountered during competitions which caused frustration to the competitors and organisers alike. Because of this the World Archery (WA) Judges and Coaches Committees have agreed it would be useful to introduce some "drops" on issues concerning coaches, procedures and rules, and make judges procedures understandable to them, and not least, so the coaches know what to expect from the judges. 
Ken BEARMAN, WA Coaches Committee Chairman 
We hereby intend to start a series of small inputs in order to be helpful to coaches and enhance their knowledge on rules and procedures to avoid extraordinary stress on their archers. We are of course also open to questions that might be asked. 
Morten B. WILMANN, WA Judges Committee Chairman
  • 20 August 2012: No. 13 - Some Rules and Rule Changes in 3D Archery
  • 10 Octobre 2011: No. 12 - What to do if the timing display is wrong?
  • 20 July 2011: No. 11 - Compound Team – Two Target Faces per Team
  • 22 February 2011: No. 10 - The 3-metre line
  • 9 December 2010: No. 9 - Drawing the Bow
  • 16 November 2010: No. 8 - Coaching on the line
  • 12 October 2010: No. 7 - Team Event
  • 23 August 2010: No. 6 - Archer’s Equipment
  • 19 August 2010: No. 5 - Illegal Shooting Techniques
  • 22 July 2010: No. 4 - Appeals
  • 12 July 2010: No. 3 - Cooperation between Coaches and Judges
  • 12 July 2010: No. 2 - Officials on the Field
  • 12 July 2010: No. 1 - Clothing


A lot of activities in West Africa

Cotonou - Monday, September 03, 2012
A level 1 coaching course, a judging course and another one about results management were held in Benin before the fourth edition of the TIZOCATA.

Pascal COLMAIRE and Marie-Chantal MAZOUME (CMR)   

The TIZOCATA is an international archery event for the Central and West African zones. Before the 4th edition in Cotonou (Benin) three courses were held; the two last are still running:
Ø A level 1 coaching course
Ø A National judging course
Ø And a course for results management
The level 1 coaching course was held under the umbrella of the Olympic Solidarity on 20-29 September 2012. Twenty four participants from seven countries (BEN, CIV, CMR, CHA, NIG, NGR, and TOG) attended. The course was conducted by Mr Pascal COLMAIRE, Development & Education Director of World Archery.
Twelve candidates have been attending the judging course; they are from Benin, Cameroon and Togo. Mr Ahmed KOURA (EGY), who is an International Judge Candidate, conducts this course that is still under progress.
Another dozen of candidates have been attending the course for results management conducted by Christian DELIGANT (ITA).
The two latest courses started on 27 August 2012. The TIZOCATA started on 30 August and will end on 2 September. Guinea joined the above list of participating countries to the TIZOCATA.
World Archery Development Department
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