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Board of Justice and Ethics

This commission is elected by Congress to ensure that all members of the “World Archery family”, be they individuals, Member Associations or elected World Archery officials, abide by the World Archery Constitution and Rules and Code of Ethics and Conduct.
The Board of Justice & Ethics does not deal with anti-doping violations.
Members of World Archery Council or Presidents of Member Associations are not eligible for election to the Board of Justice. The 5 members of the Board must each come from a different Member Association. No member of the Board may participate in a case which concerns his or her own Member Association. Members of the Board will elect one of the 5 to be the chairperson to organize and co-ordinate their work.
A case may be initiated by the World Archery President, the Executive Committee, Council or Member Association. Judges or Juries of Appeal may lodge cases for tournaments only within their jurisdiction.
All cases must be forwarded to the Secretary General who will provide the documentation to the Board of Justice & Ethics.
The Board will consider all the material and ensure a fair hearing for everyone concerned. This may include requesting witness statements, documentary evidence or anything else that would help the Board reach a fair decision.

Decisions of the Board may include:

  • the case being dismissed for lack of evidence;
  • the accused being acquitted;
  • the accused being found guilty and sanctions recommended.
Where the Board proposes sanctions it will advise the Secretary General who will submit the recommendation to the Council, or in the case of an elected officer of World Archery, to the next Congress, for ratification.
Very few cases have ever been referred to the Board of Justice & Ethics which shows the very high level of conduct within the “World Archery family”. We must treasure and maintain this good record of fair play.
Board of Justice & Ethics Honorary Chairman

Board of Justice and Ethics Members

357 Reddall Parade
Mt Warrigal NSW 2528
Term: 2015
H: +61 (24) 2961950
M: +61 (41) 7923900
F: +61 (24) 2961950
Lahnstr. 120
DE-65195 Wiesbaden
Term: 2015
W: +49 (611) 468070
M: +49 (172) 3930129
F: +49 (611) 4680749
Maj. (Rtd) Jamil BAHARUDDIN
28, Jalan Cemur
50400 Kuala Lumpur
Term: 2015
H: +60 (3) 41084303
W: +60 (3) 40411143
M: +60 (12) 2132924
F: +60 (3) 41084303
Mr WOONG (Ben) Hur
Korea Archery Association
Room 901, 88 Olympic Centre
Oryun-Dong, Songpa-Gu
Seoul 138-749
Term: 2015
H: +82 (2) 34645741
W: +82 (2) 4223627
M: +82 (10) 99743073
F: +82 (2) 34643479
Ms DONG Wenjin
Chinese Archery Association
A3, Futiansi
Shijingshan District
Beijing 100144
Term: 2015
H: +86 (10) 88966698
W:+86 (10) 88964103
M: +86 (139) 11999572
F: +86 (10) 88967894
Honorary Chairman
Largo F. Richini, 4
20122 Milano
H: +39 (02) 58302513
F: +39 (02) 58320101
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