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PVC bow, the story behind a successful tool!

PVC bow, the story behind a successful tool!

Lausanne - Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Diego TORRES and Ivan GOMEZ, Members of WA Colombia, shared with the WA Development Department the story behind the PVC bow and how it has changed the growth of archery in Colombia.

The idea did not come from a long engineering study or research, but simply based on how to further develop archery, especially in regions where the sport was not much practiced due to equipment problems.

Diego TORRES had an injury and could not compete for some time. Therefore, he came up with this great idea on how to introduce archery to the youth of Colombia. He said: "The bow was designed to function as a regular bow and also to use it in competitions".

As an experimental phase, 20 bows were donated to an archery school, teaching sport education to young kids, which immediately accepted to work with the PVC bow. The children enjoyed it very much and especially that the bow is light, not fragile and easy to manage for such young children.

WA Colombia learned about the project and immediately decided to include it in their development programme. The programme expanded in all the country and hopefully soon in all Latin American countries in need of equipment.

The project also aims to educate coaches, recreational monitors on how to introduce archery to young kids with the PVC bows. Furthermore, it also aims to provide the necessary support to the various regions and finally organise a national championship, which is a great tool for talent identification of future archers. The only conditions for the archers taking part in this project, is that they must be part of an educational institute.

WA Colombia is now willing to assist any country that wishes to introduce the PVC bow in order to further develop archery in the region and worldwide.

WA would like to congratulate Diego TORRES and Ivan GOMEZ for their excellent job to further develop archery and WA Colombia for supporting the development of our great sport.

WA Development Department

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