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Appeals against non-eligibility to be classified for Para-Archery / Classification of other athletes

Appeals against non-eligibility to be classified for Para-Archery / Classification of other athletes

Lausanne - Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The new criteria of a minimum of 25 points for the lower limbs or minimum 25 points for the upper limbs, but no combination of the two, will be used for all international Para-Archery tournaments from 1 April 2014.

Everyone wishing to compete internationally as a Para athlete must be classified using these criteria even if they hold a permanent classification under the old criteria.

Those athletes who failed to reach the necessary points following a classification during the World Para-Archery Championships in Bangkok or who may fail in a later classification have the right of appeal.

Each appeal must be lodged on the appropriate form, available on the WA website. Please send the completed appeal form to WA, to the attention of Raheleh AHADPOUR (rahadpour@archery.org). If the appeal is unsuccessful, WA will invoice the Member Association CHF 120 for each appeal.

WA is seeking bids to host an International Classification Hub where those athletes who have not met the new criteria and have lodged an appeal or who have not yet been classified under the new criteria may also be classified by senior International Classifiers.

For these International Classification Hubs, WA will provide the travel and accommodation costs for the International Classifiers it appoints. All costs for those athletes, any support staff, etc. will be the responsibility of each country concerned.

There should be at least one "Hub" in Europe, one in Asia, one in the Americas and perhaps also one in Africa. Given the large areas concerned there may be more than one "Hub" in the first three continents.

The country hosting the "Hub"” will need to provide secure, private facilities including classification tables, space for other testing equipment, access to the internet and some area for shooting if necessary. Other small items will be required and the list is available from WA.

Countries should lodge their bids including possible dates for the classification (two or three days) as soon as possible and not later than 20 December 2013 so the "Hubs" can be confirmed and advertised.

If a country has a number of athletes to be classified, it may be cheaper to arrange to have them classified at home instead of sending a group to an International Classification Hub which may be far away.

In this case the host country will be responsible for the travel and accommodation costs of the International Classifiers appointed by WA as well as the facilities needed to carry out the classifications. They could invite some nearby countries to bring athletes for classification if they wish.

It is important that all athletes are classified using the new criteria as soon as possible.

PANG Kim Fong, Head of Classification
Carole A HICKS, Chairperson of Para-Archery Committee

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