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Logos and Brand
The year 2011 will remain historic: during the Congress, the delegates decided at a very large majority that FITA would become the World Archery Federation, with the abbreviation of WA. The decision came into effect on 1st April 2012. The World Archery brand and logo were therefore use to their full extent.

The World Archery brand has been established to promote the sport of archery to a broad target market around the world in a clear, modern and dynamic way. 
The World Archery logo should be reproduced in full colour. Only when full colour is absolutely not available should one of the monochromatic versions be used (download all the versions of the World Archery logo here and the main version only here).
Please kindly refer to the Brand Identity Guidelinesand to the Appendix 1 for information on colours and usage of this logo (please refer also to the World Archery Communication Style Guidefor the names usage of World Archery). Any application and use of the logo requires the permission and approval of WA.
The World Archery logo embodies the image of the global brand and should be highly visible on a worldwide scale on:
  • Official communication and documents of the World Archery Federation, representing the governing body of the sport of archery
  • World championships and competitions—signage, printed material and promotional items
  • Electronic media used by WA
  • Developmental activity and educational materials
  • Correspondence
  • Merchandising, Equipment
  • For the branding of the World Archery Associate Member, the Development Fund Partner and the Target Face Licensed Manufacturers and other special activities
  • It is highly recommended to be used by Continental Archery Associations and Member Associations. A version with your association name/country can be provided.
  • Outside recognition of WA from institutions, events
  • Other items that are listed in the Brand Identity Guidelines, anything that reaches the public “at large” concerning archery and archery products
The Target Face Licensed Manufacturers have been asked to use the World Archery logo for all new productions as of 2013. However, there may be a transition period in order to sell existing stock.
In principle, the FITA logo and the appellation FITA are not valid anymore, except if specifically approved by the World Archery Board.
As of April 2014, the FITA Round for the famous competition of 144 arrows on four distances (4x36) will be renamed the 1440 Round.   
The Archery World Cup logo should be used on specific items related to the Archery World Cup, its stages and finals.
Download the Archery World Cup logo here.
Please refer to the Appendix 3 for information on colours.
Combined Usage of World Archery and World Cup Logos
Some situation can combine the World Archery and the World Cup logos
  • Relationship with Associate Member, Licensees (archery manufacturers)
  • Annual Report, Officers & Officials Guidebook
  • Events mixed zone, banners at events
Verdana is the font for common electronic document (e.g. Email, Website, Word, etc.)
Helvetica Neue Condensed (or similar) is the preferred font for print publications.
  • All the logos and music are protected with copyright to the World Archery Federation. Clearance is given to WA Member Associations, WA organisers and identified third parties by WA.
  • Specific Olympic rules apply to brands and display of brands. Olympic competitions have not been listed above.
  • Other specific logos (Para-Archery, 3D Archery, etc.) have also been designed and are available from WA. To obtain these logos, please contact the World Archery Office at info@archery.org.
  • List and usages of logos can be updated in due time.
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