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Archery World Championships History

World Archery has held World Championships since 1931.

Competitions were held in four events: an individual event for men and women and a team event for men and women from 1931 to 1993.

In 1995 the Compound Bow Division was added for men and women and for men's and women's teams.
Photo Courtesy Emil Heilborn:
Competitors and Officials attending 1931 World Championships
Target World Championships were organised every single year until 1959 (with a few exceptions), but since then they have been held every two years only.
The first World Field Championships were held in 1959, but the second championship was not held until then years later. World Field Championships are now organised every two years.
This is a recent competition. The first organised World Indoor Championships took place in 1991.

1991 was the first World Youth Championships, in Sandefjord, Norway. The Compound Division and the Olympic Round head-to-head format were introduced for the 1994 Championships, in Roncegno, Italy.

Oath for Athletes/Judges

The Athletes’ Oath will be spoken by an athlete of the host nation (chosen by the Organising Committee) first in the native language of the host country (for the benefit of local spectators and/or media) and then repeated in English (if possible by the same athlete).
Athletes’ Oath:
In the name of all athletes I promise that we shall take part in these Championships respecting and complying with the rules which govern them, committing ourselves not to use banned substances; in the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of archery and the honour of our countries.
The Officials’ Oath will be spoken by the Chairman of the Tournament Judges Commission or his/her representative. It will be taken in English only, as this has been now recognised as the judges' working language.
Judges/Officials’ Oath:
In the name of all judges and officials, I promise that we shall officiate in these Championships with complete impartiality, applying the rules which govern them. We shall endeavour to encourage the true spirit of sportsmanship through a professional approach to our responsibilities and the fairness of our decisions and actions.

Both the athlete and the judge will hold a corner of the World Archery flag whilst speaking.

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