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World Archery Presidents

Prof Dr Ugur ERDENER (TUR)
Ugur Erdener was born on 15 June 1950. Because of his father’s professional responsibilities, he travelled often as a child. As a result he received his primary and secondary education in different locations in Turkey. He dreamed of being a physician and believed that the Hacettepe University offered the best medical education in the country. He enrolled in their School of Medicine, and in 1977 graduated with his medical degree. He also completed a residency in Ophthalmology at Hacettepe University. On 25 December 2007, Dr Erdener became President of the Hacettepe University. Married with two children and a grandchild, Professor Ugur Erdener is truly a Renaissance Man.
Mr James L. EASTON (USA)
Mrs Inger K. FRITH (GBR)
She goes down in sports history as the main architect of Archery's reintroduction to the Olympic programme in 1972. As an archer, she participated in three World Championships as a member of the British team, while already fulfilling functions as an official. She was Vice-President of the Grand National Archery Society, and acceded to the FITA Vice-Presidency in 1953, a post she held until her election to the supreme position in 1961.
He was born in 1903. His father-in-law, Jérôme de Mayer (1920 Olympic Champion) introduced him to Archery. Very talented, he participated in 21 World Championships. Well-known industrialist, President of one of the oldest companies of archers, Director-Treasure General of the Belgian Olympic Committee, he was elected Vice-President of FITA in 1949. Appointed permanent FITA delegate to the IOC in 1961, he worked untiringly to obtain archery's introduction to the Olympic programme.
He was born on 8 August 1891. Engineer and aeroplane constructor, he worked for a long time for the Swedish Royal Air Force, designing ten types of plane. Taking up Archery in 1932, he became World Champion two year later. President of the Stockholm Archery Club and founder-President of the Swedish Archery Federation, he acceded to FITA Vice-Presidency in 1946. Numerous technical innovations to bow and arrow were of his making, and his wife was also a brilliant champion of Sweden.
He was born on 8 April 1892 at Crisolles, Oise Department, France, and heart of Archery in France. Architect, expert before court of law, Secretary General of the French Archery Federation and co-founder of FITA, he became an influential member of the French National Sports Committee. An elite archer, he participated in many World Championships.
Successor to his fellow countryman Mr Fularski, President of the Polish Archery Federation, he made the first approach to the IOC to obtain Archery's return to the programme of the Olympic Games.
A regular soldier, he became interested in the development for Polish sport in the 1920's. It was on his initiative that the constituent Congress of FITA was convened in 1931. Elected President, but also promoted Major, he was obliged to resign immediately. Nevertheless, for several years he gave assistance to his successor.
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