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Frequently Asked Questions: “General”

1) How is World Archery organised?
World Archery is the world body for archery recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). World Archery sets Laws and Bylaws particularly for competitions for target archery, field archery, ski archery, run archery, flight archery and clout archery.
World Archery currently consists of more than 150 Member Associations (national federations and associations), that are the governing bodies for archery in each country. Groups of Member Associations form Continental Associations (Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania). World Archeryis governed and managed by the World Archery Congress, World Archery Executive Board and World Archery Committees. The day to day operations of World Archery are carried out by the World Archery Office - currently 15 employees - located at the Maison du Sport International in Lausanne, Switzerland.
2) What does World Archery do?
World Archeryserves to promote and regulate archery world-wide through its Member Associations (national federations and associations) and in conformity with the Olympic principles. It aims at framing and interpreting the World Archery Rules and arranging for the organisation of world championships and other international competitions. World Archerypromotes archery through the media and the sponsors.
Archery has been part of the Olympic movement since 1900 and has been permanently present in the Olympic Games since 1972. World Archery has held world championships since 1931 and has progressively turned to eight disciplines since 1991. In 2006, World Archery launched an Archery World Cup circuit.
3) How is archery introduced into a country?
World Archery provides assistance to Member Associations through the nomination of experts for the introduction of archery in your country. However, World Archery encourages the interested Member Associations to apply for the Olympic Solidarity programmes through their National Olympic Committees. World Archery, with the collaboration of our committees and Olympic Solidarity, organises development programmes for our Continental and Nationals Associations such as:
  • Development of the youth
  • Coaches courses
  • Judges courses
  • Training camps
  • Administration and management
4) What is the World Archery Event concept?
With the launch of the Archery World Cup in 2006, World Archery aims to consistently enhance its competitions by showcasing events at some of the world’s most spectacular locations.
It started with the world championships 2003 in New York Central Park, and followed with the ancient Panathinaiko Stadium for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. The World Cup Final 2006 then took place at the Mayapan Pyramids (MEX) and the 2007 edition in Dubai (UAE). In the Emirates, World Archerybuilt a 70-metre floating platform on the Madinat Jumeirah Lake with the famous 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab in the background.
Since 2008, this special concept was implemented for all the World Archery events! Stages of the World Cup took place in the “Oldest Fort of the New World” in Santo Domingo (DOM) or by the Marina in Porec (CRO). The competitors shot on the beach in Antalya (TUR). The archers also had their first night session ever in Boe (FRA). In 2008, the sixteen finalists had the privilege to shoot in the Olympic capital, Lausanne (SUI), with the most beautiful view over Lake Geneva and the Alps Mountains. In 2009, new locations include the downtown river in Shanghai (CHN), downtown streets in Ogden (USA) and the touristic canal in wonderful Copenhagen (DEN).
In short, the concept has five targets:
  • Host successful events with top-level archers all year long
  • Bring archery to the fans with final matches in special places
  • Consistently give a strong platform for our sponsors
  • Give archery worldwide media exposure
  • Provide a leading flagship for the worldwide development of archery
5a) How can a World Archery Event Organising Committee control that the registrations received are valid and “fair” ones? (E.g. not a possible attempt to get a visa)?
5b) How can an organisation (club, national archery federation…) who has been proposed to host a training camp for a foreign team, but who suspects a possible simple attempt to get a visa, control that such a proposition is a valid one?
There are effectively some attempts to get visas; once in a country, some guests could disappear…
Our suggestion is to reply to them that unless there is a letter from the National Olympic Committee or Ministry of Sports confirming that they are indeed archers, an Organising Committee should refuse to go further with such requests.

Also, asking them the scores at the last tournament they competed with details such as the date, location and name/address of the organiser could prove they are real competitors. This should solve the issue.
6) What is Congress?
Congress is the supreme governing body of World Archery and consists of delegates from Member Association, Executive Board Members and observers from Continental Associations and other interested parties. Congress meets every two years usually at the same time and place as the Archery World Championships. Congress receives reports from its Committees including financial statements, awards world championships, considers proposed changes to Laws and Bylaws and elects officers and committee members, usually for four-year periods.
7) What is Executive Board?
The Executive Board is made up of the President, First Vice President, three Vice Presidents and seven other Members. The Secretary General, the Treasurer and the Chairpersons of the Athletes’ and Constitution & Rules Committees are Executive Board Members but without the right to vote.
The Executive Board is the governing body of World Archery between Congresses. It adopts Bylaws, approves expenditures and oversees the development of archery worldwide. Council usually holds two meetings a year and other decisions are made by email as needed.
8) What is a World Archery Committee?
World Archery has eight main committees dealing with particular areas (Constitution & Rules, Target Archery, Field Archery, Judges, Medical and Sport Science, Athletes, Coaches and Technical matters). Moreover, these Committees consider improvements to the rules and answer questions in their area of expertise. The President and Executive Board may from time to time establish ad hoc committees to consider particular issues.
9) What is a Law?
A Law sets out the main principles of each issue. Laws can only be created or amended by Congress.
10) What is a Bylaw?
A Bylaw provides the details of how a Law is carried out. Bylaws are created and amended by Executive Board. Bylaws are confirmed or rejected by the next Congress.
11) How are Laws and Bylaws organised?
Laws and Bylaws are presented in different books contained in the Constitution and Rules according to their topic. The following are the current books:
  • Book 1 – Constitution and Administrative Rules
  • Book 2 – Outdoor Target Archery
  • Book 3 – Indoor Target Archery
  • Book 4 – Field Archery
  • Book 5 – Ski Archery and other rounds.
In the Constitution & Rules Book, Laws are shown in normal type and Bylaws are shown in italics.
12) Who can propose or change Laws and when?
Member Associations, certain Committees, Executive Board and the President can propose changes to Laws, which are then accepted or rejected by Congress. While individuals may not directly propose changes of Laws to Congress, they may provide suggestions to any of the above groups. New Laws generally take effect on 1 April of the year following Congress. Laws can only be changed in the Congress following a Summer Olympics.
13) Who can propose or change Bylaws and when?
Member Associations, certain Committees, Executive Board and the President can propose changes to Bylaws, which are then accepted or rejected by the Executive Board. While individuals may not directly propose changes of Bylaws to Executive Board, they may provide suggestions to any of the above groups. Bylaws take effect at a date specified by the Executive Board. Once accepted, the Bylaw remains in force until confirmed or rejected by the next Congress.
14) What is a World Archery Interpretation and who can request it?
A World Archery Interpretation clarifies a Law or Bylaw at the request of Member Associations or by Members of the Executive Board. The requests shall be sent to the Secretary General who forwards them to the relevant Committee. Once issued, the Interpretation remains in force until confirmed or rejected by the next Congress. Any individual seeking an Interpretation may only do so through his or her Member Association.
15) What are World Archery Awards and how can they be won?
Archers may win Awards in outdoor, indoor and field events. Member Associations register specific tournaments with the World Archery Office in accordance with certain procedures and the payment of a fee. The Constitution & Rules (Book 1, Chapter 6) details the types of Awards and the scores required. Members Associations may define their own financial requirements and should be contacted for those details.
16) How do you claim a FITA Award?
In many cases, FITA target and field awards are sent directly to Member Associations as they request and pay for them. FITA Star awards for the FITA round higher than 1200 for recurve or 1300 for compound must be applied for by Member Associations providing to the Secretary General the name, description, place and date of the tournament. Confirmation that the tournament was shot according to World Archeryrules, the name and category of the athlete and the original score card or a properly witnessed copy are the necessary documents needed.
High value awards consist of:
  • 1350 and 1400 FITA Star awards
  • 1350 and 1400 Silver Star awards (for Masters and Cadets)
  • Gold and Purple FITA Target awards
  • Gold and Purple Silver Target awards (for Masters and Cadets)
  • Silver and Gold FITA Arrowhead badges (If a 2-day competition consists of two Arrowhead Rounds, the athlete may gain two Arrowhead awards)
17) How do you claim a World Record?
Other than at Olympic Games, World Championships and World Ranking Events where records are confirmed automatically on receipt of the results, Member Associations must send the scores of tournaments recognised by World Archery as World Record tournaments to the Secretary General not later than ten (10) days after the tournament providing the name, description, place and date of the tournament. Confirmation that the tournament was shot according to World Archery rules, the name, nationality and category of the athlete and that the athlete is a member of a Member Association, a complete results list and the original score card or a properly witnessed copy are the necessary documents needed.
18) What is a World Ranking Event?
There are two types of World Ranking Events: target and field.
For target, it is a tournament registered with World Archery, made up of a qualification round (a FITA round or a FITA 70m round) and an Olympic round.The top participants win points towards a World Ranking. The number of points each person may win is based on a formula, information about which may be found on the World Archerywebsite.
Field world ranking events are arrowhead tournaments registered with World Archery. The results are submitted and the best three scores per archer from the various tournaments are used to calculate the ranking. Further details are available from the World Archery website.
19) When were the FITA Round, Grand FITA Round and Olympic Round introduced?
The FITA Round was approved in the Congress of 1955 in Helsinki and was used at World Championships in 1957.
The Grand FITA Round was approved in the 1985 Congress and was shot at the 1987 World Championships. The winners wereMs MA (CHN) - current coach of the Chinese team - and Vladimir ESHEEV (URS/RUS) - current FITA Council Member.
The Olympic Round (meaning the Match Round) was approved in the Congress of 1991 in Krakow for the Olympics in Barcelona and was confirmed for World Championships in the Extraordinary Congress of 1992 in Perpignan for World Championships as well. The Barcelona Olympics had the first Olympic Round which was then further modified for the 1996 Olympics (removal of the FITA Round and change in number of arrows). The first World Championships using it was Antalya 1993.
20) Why are Compound bows not in the Olympics?
Concerning the Olympic Games, not World Archery but the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is the deciding body. The IOC has specified the number of athletes that archery may have at the Games and this in the perspective of the total number of athletes in the Games.
Furthermore, there is a limitation on the number of events in the Olympic Games. World Archery has asked several times for compound to be included but with no success so far. Since only one type of competition is permitted per sport a compound competition would not only have to be different from the recurve competition, but it would also have to compete with other sports such as rugby, karate, roller-skating as a new Olympic sport.
21) How do I become a Judge?
There are various levels of Judge: National, Continental, World Archeryaccredited Continental and International Judges. Each Member Association has its own procedures to accredit National Judges. Continental Associations may accredit National Judges with at least a 2-year experience and who have successfully undertaken a formal seminar and examination. Continental Judges who have attended a course organised by the World ArcheryJudge Committee and passed the examination may be referred to as World Archery accredited Continental Judges.
To become an International Judge requires at least three years as a National Judge, accreditation as a Continental Judge, an adequate knowledge of English and have served at a World Ranking Event or similar major tournament with a positive evaluation from the chairperson of that tournament. The individual must attend a World Archery Judge Committee seminar and pass the examination. Further details are contained in Book 1, Appendix 4 of the Constitution & Rules.
22) Where can I find further information about World Archery?
Go to the internet, “www.worldarchery.org” will bring up the World Archery website for full information on all matters related to archery.
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