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Constructive course for European Coach Trainers in Turkey

Constructive course for European Coach Trainers in Turkey

Belek Antalya - Thursday, December 12, 2013

World Archery Europe (WAE) and World Archery are jointly running a training of European level 1 Coach Trainers in Belek Antalya, Turkey from 9-18 December 2013.

Coach Trainers are those who educate archery coaches. This is the second session of such a course for Coach Trainers in Europe. The first one had been conducted in Compiegne, France in 2011/2012. The training in Turkey this year has started on 9 December and will run until 18 December 2013.

At the end of the course, the 16 participants coming from ten countries will become WA Coach Trainer Candidates until the end of the 2014. By this deadline, they will have to successfully conduct a level 1 archery coaching course.

This year's participants are: ACHILLEOS Andreas (CYP), ATICI Oguz (TUR), BRUNNER Angelika (AUT), CIZMEK Andrea (CRO), CUSTERS Emiel (NED), ERGIN Yusuf Goktug (TUR), GATIKAEV Sergo (GEO), GIOVANUCCI Massimo (ITA), LEKVEISHVILI David (GEO), LUIK Siret (EST), LUPI Alessandro (ITA), NAVEH Eyal (ISR), PTACNIK Martin (AUT), RIEDL Carsten (AUT), ŠIPEK Jan (CZE), VOUROS Konstatinos (GRE).

This additional pool of future Coach Trainers will allow and improve the training of much more many archery coaches in Europe, and probably in the World. Hence World Archery and World Archery Europe thank very much the Turkish Archery Federation for so well hosting this important project, and the European Olympic Committees for the funding.

Here are the comments of some of the 16 participants who are being trained by Pascal COLMAIRE, WA Development & Education Director, and Constantine YANTSIOS, a Greek Coach Trainer.

Andreas ACHILLEOS (CYP): The conductors push us a lot. We can share our experiences.

Jan ŠIPEK (CZE): I like the group of 18 persons. It is valuable to get tips from them.

Angelika BRUNNER (AUT): I am fond of the theory sessions. Here it is clear how an efficient shot should be done. We got the all picture of the archery evolution and the appropriate required adjustments in coaching. The level 1 is fundamental for the benefit of the archers.

Massimo GIOVANUCCI (ITA): It takes a lot of energy to be trained in a foreign language. I like the preparation of the course we received beforehand. There are good input from everyone; this is one very important interest of such a project.

Andrea CIZMEK (CRO): I like to already have the Power Point presentations, so I can put notes on them.

Martin PTACNIK (AUT): The 16 participants from ten countries are doing a hard work according to a professional approach.

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