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Participants fully satisfied at the end of Coaching Seminar

Participants fully satisfied at the end of Coaching Seminar

Saquarema (BRA) - Monday, December 02, 2013

The 6th World Archery Coaching Seminar held in Saquarema, Brazil since 25 November concluded on Saturday 30 November. The participants were fully satisfied at the end of this week together.

Coach KIM Hyung Tak provided extensive information yet again on his personal views on technique covering: the use of the right scapula, building a balance expansion, proper extending time, etc. He also introduced the use of computerised technology to identify the above issues.

The participants were given a presentation on mental management by Juan Carlos HOLGADO (photo right), WA Event Manager and 1992 Olympic champion, on how to use and reinforce the technics to increase and provide consistency in mental preparation; including positive applications in tournaments. He also suggested how to make the beginner and intermediate archer aware of the use of mental strength and visualisation, as well as how to build the attitude. He also explained that nerves can be with the archer, not always against.

Accessible information on Olympic Solidarity (OS) was provided by Mrs Deqa NIAMKEY, WA Development and Coaching Senior Coordinator. The relations between the OS and the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) were presented, as well as the funding streams that are available to the NOCs via the National Archery Federations (NAFs) in each country. Some experiences with OS were reported and some NAF’s that have benefited of the scheme were quoted.

On the afternoon agenda there was also a session of open questions on various subjects such as marketing, Olympic qualification, etc.

Two participants who both were attending their 4th WA Seminar have expressed their satisfaction on the seminar. They quoted it as the best of the four.

A certificate of attendance has then been handed out to each participant by Ken BEARMAN and KIM Hyung Tak, respectively Chairman and Member of the WA Coaches Committee (photo left).

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