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Sambodromo tour and international volley-ball match for WACS participants

Sambodromo tour and international volley-ball match for WACS participants

Saquarema (BRA) - Saturday, November 30, 2013

During the fourth day of the 6th World Archery Coaching Seminar, participants had the chance to visit the Rio 2016 Olympic facilities.

Thursday 28 November was mainly dedicated to the visit of the Olympic facilities, including the famous Sambodromo (photo right), venue of the archery competition in 2016. The day after was again dense with lectures and workshops.

Pascal COLMAIRE, WA Development and Education Director, opened the fifth day by dividing the participants into various groups (main photo). Each group had to make a list of subjects to be found on the coaching course for each level. The reports of the groups were then commented by the entire audience. The outcome of this collective work will support WA in our efforts to improve coaching education.

Then, Pascal gave an overview of the existing coaching training in WA, ending with a reflexion on a possible substitute to levels.

KIM Hyung Tak gave a presentation on weight training; how, according to him, it should be done and monitored. Mental training and body balance were also addressed.

Juan Manuel CURIEL MORALES (photo left) presented the successful development structure of the Mexican Archery Federation. According to him, a large part of their success comes from the "National Olympics", a yearly event funded by the government for the youth between 11 and 23 years old from all Olympic sports.

This national event is made of three legs: at the city level, then at the state level, and finally at the national level with up to 650 young archers at this ultimate step. The 2012 Olympic medallist Mariana AVITA attended the first edition of these games at the age of 11.

Richard PRIESTMAN gave an overview of his International Coaching experiences, particularly in Bangladesh, Nepal and Latin-America. He explained his way to train talented archers to lead them to success.

The day was concluded with a video on the London Olympic Games. And finally, the participants were invited to watch an international volley-ball match between Brazil and Colombia.

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