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Another rich day is over at WACS

Another rich day is over at WACS

Saquarema (BRA) - Thursday, November 28, 2013

On 27 November, the successful and worldwide well-known Korean archery coach KIM Hyung Tak opened the third day of the WACS with a technical lecture.

If it was similar to his usual lectures, he has added some details and refined others, particularly regarding the shooting form. KIM Hyung Tak (main photo) highlighted the importance of a good observation and analysis; for these fundamental coaching tasks he intensively uses the video and some pictures. Sticking to the Korean concept, Coach KIM insisted on the importance to not allow the new archers shooting with an imperfect shooting form.

John DUDLEY kindly shared his valuable experiences as a US elite athlete and as a coach on the mental side, which should be the priority for the archer’s progression over the equipment that is too often the main concern. He also gave a great importance to the strength and the attitude.

Cesar M. GARZA is the physical preparatory of the Mexican Archery Federation and a picking member in the World Archery family. His lecture included several exercises implemented by all participants (photo right). Cesar gave a lot of importance to properly teach the core stability. His strengthening programme gives priorities to the following:

  • No machines 
  • Avoid Stability
  • Suspension is a must
  • Unilateral movements
  • Bodyweight

Richard PRIESTMAN (photo left), a former British Olympian medallist who has coached several countries, is currently preparing Brazil to the 2016 Olympic Games. He explained how he trained archers to cope with the wind and rain, including aiming off. The second part of Richard’s lecture was about his "bow training" programme made of a set of exercises with the bow, but few with an arrow. Most exercises use a harness on the string elbow, connected to the bow string either by an elastic or a rope, allowing dry fire.

This third day of the seminar has definitively largely enriched the participants who got a lot of subjects for lengthy discussions after closing the ultimate lecture; this is another interest to attend such international gathering of archery coaches.

Details of the very informative lectures given in Saquarema will be shared on the WA website after the end of the seminar.

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