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Participants enjoy second day at WA Coaching Seminar

Participants enjoy second day at WA Coaching Seminar

Saquarema (BRA) - Wednesday, November 27, 2013

For the second day of the WA Coaching Seminar held in Brazil the participants from the five continents were fortunate to benefit from the expertise of famous archery people such as John DUDLEY, Doug DENTON and Dung Eun SUK, better known as Peter SUK.

Doug DENTON (USA) reported how recurve archery equipment is assembled, set-up, and tuned with references to several of the World Class archers. Then, John DUDLEY (USA) did the same for compound. He stressed the importance of the arrow being tuned to the concept of the bow being tuned.

Peter SUK (KOR) shared the training method he has developed to manage the heart rate and cardiovascular which he self-learnt in school days, due to lack of time to practice his sport of archery. For instance, he would shoot a FITA Round in one hour through 16 ends of 9 arrows. In between shooting he used to run to collect his arrows.

Peter then later shared his concept on alignments which involve distribution of visual, body and power.

The details of the very informative lectures given in Saquarema will be posted on the WA website after the Coaching Seminar has ended.

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