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Olympic Solidarity Coaches Course in Brazil

Olympic Solidarity Coaches Course in Brazil

Lausanne - Tuesday, April 16, 2013
An Olympic Solidarity Level III Coaches Course took place at CBTARCO Archery Centre near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
 A level III coaches’ course took place from 20-25 February 2013 at the CBTARCO Archery Center in Marica, Rio de Janeiro, under the expertise of World Archery Events Director and Olympic champion Juan Carlos HOLGADO and Mrs. Deqa NIAMKEY, WA Development Coordinator as an observer/student. The course gathered 15 coaches from different states of Brazil that are part of the Rio 2016 Master Plan in view of the Olympic Games.

The courses took place from 8.30 am to 7.00 pm throughout the five days and were divided in theoretical and practical sessions, with a variety of topics related to level III coaching programme. The topics covered were: shooting form, safety in archery, fun archery, planning, para-archery, basic and fine tuning, generic mental aspects in competitions and physical preparation, evaluate and analyse the shooting forms (weak and strong points).

The coaches also analysed the shooting forms particularly the weak and strong points and they were evaluated by the expert in consequence. The coaches were enthusiastic and eager to learn every day. They are all very much dedicated to archery in their region and across the country. Additionally, the impact of Brazil hosting the 2016 Olympic Games on the coaches is a great contributor of motivation and determination for them to further develop archery.

The expert will continue to provide assistance to CBTARCO coaches in the implementation of their individual projects and for the talent identification of archers in view of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Eros FAUNI, Dirma Miranda DOS SANTOS, Deqa NIAMKEY, Evandro DE AZEVEDO, Henrique JUNQUEIRA CAMPOS, Fernando SWATOWISKI, Doltey SANTOS DOS, Claudio CONTRUCCI, André XAVIER, Reinaldo Augusto NUNES, Jose Carlos SALVIATO, Oger SOUZA PINTO, Tiago LOUZADA, Roberval DOS SANTOS, Eulalo CAVALCANTI, Disney MACHADO and Lim.

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