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Archery Development in Nigeria

Lausanne - Wednesday, March 20, 2013
World Archery is pleased to present the report below confirming the development of African archery. The Nigeria Archery Federation trained its archery coaches on 11 – 15 February in a cricket pavilion behind the MKO Abiola International stadium, Abeokuta. 22 men and 9 ladies were in attendance.

The Secretary General of the Nigerian Federation, Mr Boluji OLATUNJI reports:
We started with the theoretical aspect of the workshop and moved to the practical on daily basis as follows:
Monday morning: Opening Ceremony was held and welcome speech was said by one executive member of the Federation in person of Mr. Lucky Tom ONIOVO, an executive member of NAFED.
Monday Afternoon: Archery Project was read to the participants and some questions were treated.
Tuesday morning: Introduction to Equipment and Safety Rules were handled by coach Lucky IZEKOR.
Tuesday Afternoon: Introduction to basic techniques was done by Coach Boluji. O. OLATUNJI.
Wednesday Morning: Typical Exercises in Archery &Techniques were held by Boluji. O. OLATUNJI.
Wednesday afternoon: Archery Drills was handled by Coach B.O. OLATUNJI followed by Techniques and self practice by the New Coaches.
Thursday Morning: Lecture was offered on “Who Is a Coach” by a Coach. Lucky Tom ONIOVO.
Thursday afternoon: Techniques and Self Practice by the New Coaches.
Friday Morning: Self practices among the new coaches.
Followed by presentation of certificates to the entire participant during the closing ceremony and photographs were snapped.
The most problems we faced were on the lack of equipment; we were unable to carry out the training at once but because we have only 8 arrows in all. The coaches could not practice all the techniques at same time but in two by two while those who were not with bow were watching until it gets to their turns.
We at this end show our appreciation to the support of WA from inception to now especially during the last seminar held in Benin Republic to empower our two coaches by the WA Director of education and development; furthermore, for arrows and other accessories given to us.
Nigeria is one of the very first African Member Associations of World Archery that has been so far able to organize some coaching education itself. Congratulations from World Archery for this important step forward in archery development!

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