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The Signatories to the World Anti-Doping Code recognise that effective Out-of-Competition Testing programmes are essential to the fight against doping in sport. They also recognise that effective Out-of-Competition Testing depends upon accurate and complete Athlete whereabouts information.
As a result, the Code requires Athletes in Registered Testing Pools: (a) to provide detailed information, on a quarterly basis, about their whereabouts in the following quarter; and (b) to be available at those whereabouts for Out-of-Competition Testing. If an Athlete in a Registered Testing Pool fails to meet those requirements three or more times in any 18-month period, he/she commits an anti-doping rule violation under Code Article 2.4, and is liable to be banned from sport for a period of between 12 and 24 months (or more if it is a repeat offence). See Code Articles 10.3.3 and 10.7.
It is International Federations and NADOs that bear primary responsibility for administering these whereabouts requirements, first by designating Athletes under their jurisdiction for inclusion in (respectively) international and national Registered Testing Pools, and then by collecting whereabouts information from those Athletes, using that information to test those Athletes Out-of-Competition, and also making that information available to other ADOs with Testing jurisdiction over those Athletes, so that they can test them Out-of-Competition as well.
International Federations and NADOs then also have primary results management responsibility when Athletes in their respective Registered Testing Pools fail to file proper whereabouts information (Filing Failures) or are not present where they said they would be for Testing purposes (Missed Tests). (See generally IST clauses 11.7.1 and 11.7.3)
Other parties also have responsibilities in relation to whereabouts. National Federations have a specific obligation to assist in obtaining whereabouts information from Athletes under their jurisdiction, and both International Federations and NADOs may delegate further whereabouts responsibilities to them. (IST clauses 11.7.2, 11.7.4, 11.7.5)
Meanwhile, any Anti-Doping Organisation that seeks to collect a Sample from an Athlete using his/her whereabouts information may only declare a Missed Test on that Athlete if it has met the requirements of IST clause 11.4.3, including making a reasonable attempt to find the Athlete at his declared whereabouts. (IST clause 11.6.3)
The relevant principles are set out in Articles 2.4, 5.1.1, 10.3.3 and 14.3 of the Code and the specific whereabouts requirements are detailed in Section 11 of the International Standard for Testing. There is also significant guidance as to the implementation of these requirements set out in the comments to the relevant provisions of the International Standard for Testing.


ADAMS Introduction Video
ADAMS Website

Under the World Anti-Doping Code (Code)—the document harmonising anti-doping policies in all sports and all countries—WADA has an obligation to coordinate anti-doping activities and to provide a mechanism to assist stakeholders with their implementation of the Code.

The Anti-Doping Administration & Management System (ADAMS) was developed for this purpose. It is a Web-based database management system that simplifies the daily activities of all stakeholders and athletes involved in the anti-doping system.

Available in English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Dutch and Arabic, not only is ADAMS easy to use, but is also free for WADA’s stakeholders allowing them to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the fight against doping in sport. ADAMS’ multi-level access system protects the security and confidentiality of data.

ADAMS has four primary functions addressing the key activities of anti-doping operations:

Athlete Whereabouts
The Web-based functionality allows athletes to enter their information from anywhere in the world. Those without Internet access may designate a representative such as their Anti-Doping Organisation (ADO) to enter the information on their behalf. This function also helps stakeholders share whereabouts information, crucial for maximising the element of surprise and the efficiency of unannounced out-of-competition testing.

Information Clearinghouse
The clearinghouse is where all data is stored, in particular laboratory results, Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) authorisations and anti-doping rule violations. It permits the sharing of information among the relevant organisations and guarantees that anti-doping activities are performed with the highest level of transparency.

Doping Control Planning
The ADAMS doping control database provided to ADOs is an essential tool for managing both an in- and out-of-competition doping control program. Stakeholders can use ADAMS to plan, coordinate and order tests, as well as manage test results. Coordination of doping control programs in the ADAMS system helps to avoid duplication of testing efforts.

TUE Management
ADAMS allows for online management of TUE requests, as well as online notification to those involved in the process.

ADAMS was launched in 2005 for the initial pilot phase. The system has since then been introduced to and implemented by numerous ADOs and anti-doping laboratories. World Archery adopted the system since 2004.

General Information on ADAMS

User Guides

Athletes User Guide
ADAMS Quick Reference Card
TUE Quick Reference Card
ADAMS Mobile App user guide

ADAMS Account

Account creation

To create an ADAMS account you have to contact wa.dopingfree@sportaccord.com.

Password forgotten
A "forgot my password" button is available in the login page to reset passwords automatically, if needed. An email is sent with an automated password (that will have to be changed immediately). An email address must be provided in the profile of the user account in ADAMS for this automatic system to work. The spam folder may be checked the first time.

Agent account
Those without Internet access or in need of assistance may designate a representative or Agent such as their National Federation, National Anti-Doping Organisation, coach, etc., to enter the information on their behalf.

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