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World Archery against Doping

Under the World Anti-Doping Code, some anti-doping rule violations are not only addressed to athletes. In particular, those defined under the Code as “Athlete Support Personnel”, i.e. “any coach, trainer, manager, agent, team staff, official, medical or para-medical personnel working with or treating athletes participating in or preparing for sports competition”,  should be concerned.

In particular, “Possession of a Prohibited substance or method by Athlete Support personnel in connection with an Athlete, event or training, unless the Athlete Support Personnel establishes that the possession is pursuant to a Therapeutic Use Exemption granted to an Athlete, or other acceptable justification”, is an anti-doping rule violation.

It is therefore strongly recommended, for example, that an Athlete Support Personnel having personal medical treatment which includes a prohibited substance should be able to provide, when on duty, his/her own medical prescriptions/certificates.

Reference: Art. 2.6 – World Anti-Doping Code and World Archery Anti-Doping Rules

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