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World Cup Presentation

Welcome to the Archery World Cup!

World Archery has been proud to launch the Archery World Cup in 2006. We aimed to consistently enhance our competitions by showcasing the events at some of the world’s most spectacular locations.

The Concept

It actually started with the World Championships 2003 in New York Central Park, then at the ancient Panathinaiko Stadium for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. It continued with the World Cup Final 2006 at the Mayapan Pyramids (MEX) and the 2007 edition in Dubai (UAE). In the Emirates, World Archery built a 70-metre floating platform on the Madinat Jumeirah Lake with the famous 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab in the background.

Nowadays, the special concept is implemented for all the World Archery events! Stages of the World Cup took place in the “Oldest Fort of the New World” in Santo Domingo (DOM). The archers stopped by the Marina in Porec (CRO) and they shot on the beach in Antalya (TUR). The recent locations that were chosen include the downtown of metropolitan Shanghai (CHN), the western part of the USA in Ogden, Utah, the famous Nyhavn Canal in Copenhagen (DEN), the Gardens of Edinburgh (GBR), the shore of the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul (TUR) and the Hibiya Park near the Imperial Palace in Tokyo (JPN).

Shortly, the concept has five targets:

  • Host successful events with top-level archers all year long
  • Bring archery to the fans with final matches in special places
  • Consistently give a strong platform for our sponsors
  • Give archery worldwide media exposure
  • Provide a leading flagship for worldwide development of archery

The World Cup consists of four Stages and grand Final. The top 7 archers in each category (Recurve Men, Recurve Women, Compound Men and Compound Women) compete in the Final based on their points in the stages. An eighth archer from the host country is given a wild card. They can win attractive prize-money such as:

  • 1st Place - CHF 20’000.
  • 2nd Place - CHF 10’000.-
  • 3rd Place - CHF 5’000.-
  • 4th Place - CHF 1’000.-

Prize-money will also be given in each of these qualifying stages to the top 3 archers.

The Competition Format

Archery matches are played in head-to-head, single elimination. As of 2010, the individual matches are played on a set system (3 or 6 arrows per sets, best of 3 or 5). Most of the times, archers shoot at 70 metres with a 1-10 point target.

There are also team and mixed team matches. In teams, countries have three archers. The winning team is the one with the most point out of a total of 24 arrows at 70 metres per match. In mixed-teams, countries have their best man and woman; matches are played out of 16 arrows.

They are two bows that World Archery threats with the same passion: the recurve bow and the compound bow. Each bow has men and women categories. An archery competition has usually one day of qualifications. Then the matches take place for three days like a tennis tournament. The last day (all the finals) has the focus of television.

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