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Gold for Albina LOGINOVA and Reo WILDE in Ulsan!

Ulsan (KOR) – 9 September 2009 - Wednesday, September 09, 2009
Today in Ulsan, the archers competed in the individual finals at the 2009 World Archery Championships. Reo WILDE (USA) and Albina LOGINOVA (RUS) are the new world champions in the compound division. It’s the second gold medal for both of them after their team gold yesterday.
Today in Ulsan, the archers competed in the individual finals at the 2009 World Archery Championships. Reo WILDE (USA) and Albina LOGINOVA (RUS) are the new world champions in the compound division. It’s the second gold medal for both of them after their team gold yesterday.

Compound Men
Semifinal: Reo WILDE (USA) vs Stephen CLIFTON (NZL)
This match featured Reo WILDE, who at 35 years old is one of the most experienced archers present in Ulsan. WILDE is a team world champion from Leipzig and repeated as team world champion yesterday. Individually, he won gold at the World Cup Final in Merida 2006, the World Indoor Championships in Nimes 2003 and the World Indoor Championships in Aalborg 2005. Reo was probably hoping to follow in the footsteps of his father Dee WILDE, who was world champion in 1997 and whose name has appeared on over 50 world records.

As for CLIFTON, he has competed internationally since 2006. He recently placed 7th in Antalya and 10th in Shanghai.

WILDE shot a perfect 30 to take a 2-point lead over CLIFTON. The American then repeated his perfect score to lead 60-56 halfway through. CLIFTON shot 9-8-9 while Reo WILDE shot 10-10-10, for nine perfect shots in a row!

CLIFTON opened the last end with a 10 and spectators sounded disappointed when WILDE managed “only” a 9! It was CLIFTON’s turn to score a perfect end of 30. WILDE finished with two 10s to win the game 119-112.

Semifinal: Liam GRIMWOOD (GBR) vs José DUO (ESP)
GRIMWOOD has been a regular presence on the World Cup circuit since 2006. He placed 4th at the Dover World Cup event in 2007 and 4th in Santo Domingo 2008. It is not the first semifinal at this level for DUO who was 4th at the World Championships in Leipzig and wanted to make it to the final this time! DUO was 2nd at the Indoor World Archery Championships in 2007.

In this match, both archers started perfectly to tie 30-30. GRIMWOOD shot first and followed with 10-9-10 in the next end while DUO shot 9-9-9 for a 2-point deficit (57-59).

It was DUO’s turn to shoot first in the third end. He shot a 9-10-10 and GRIMWOOD 9-x10-9 to lead 87-86 with three arrows to go. The Spaniard opened the last end with a 10, to which his opponent answered with another 10. DUO then shot a 9 and GRIMWOOD an 8 to tie before the last arrow. After DUO shot a 9, GRIMWOOD managed the 10 he needed for the win!

   Stephen CLIFTON (NZL) vs Jose DUO (ESP)
Bronze Medal: Stephen CLIFTON (NZL) vs Jose DUO (ESP)
DUO was 4th in Leipzig 2007 and shooting again for a bronze medal. He had the best start with 10-X10-10, 10-9-10 to lead 59-57. CLIFTON came back a bit on the third end with 10-X10-10, while DUO lost a few points with 8 9-10, tied score at 87!

Then CLIFTON shot a 10 liner and a solid 10.

DUO shot a 10 and an 8.

CLIFTON concluded with a 10 to clinch the bronze! Although DUO finished with 9, he was the unlucky 4th again at the world championships.

The Crispin’s Corner:
Although DUO showed some very nice 10s, he had a couple of very bad arrows. That proved to be the difference. CLIFTON must have been a bit nervous at the start, but he finished really well!

Gold Medal: Reo WILDE (USA) vs Liam GRIMWOOD (GBR)
Both archers opened with 29 to tie after the first end. WILDE shot first in the second end and started with a 10. GRIMWOOD had a bad first arrow (9). Both archers followed with two 10s. WILDE led 59-58 halfway through.

The two were less consistent in the next end. GRIMWOOD scored 9-10-9 (the last arrow just on the line), while WILDE shot 9-10-x10. The American was in the lead before the last three arrows, 88-86.

In the last end, both archers showed they really wanted the gold by starting with two 10s. GRIMWOOD was solid on his last arrow: another 10! WILDE needed a 9 to win, and he shot a 10! Final score: 116-114 and so Reo WILDE won the gold medal, 12 years after his famous father!

The Crispin’s corner:
Both archers looked very solid. It was going to be a good match. GRIMWOOD just looked a little tentative, while Reo looked like he always does: solid. Reo had tighter groups than Liam and that’s how he won.

Compound Women
Semifinal: Laura LONGO (ITA) vs Jorina COETZEE (RSA)
This semifinal featured two young archers! The No. 9 seed LONGO is 21 and has competed in a few World Cup events over the last two years. Her best achievement so far is a team bronze medal at the 2007 World Indoor Championships. She competed in the recent Summer Universiade in Belgrade and place 5th.

COETZEE is 17 and competed in the World Youth Championships in Ogden. She travelled to the World Cup Stage 4 in Shanghai last month and placed 7th. She was 21st in qualifications.

In this semifinal, LONGO started with 9-7-9 to trail COETZEE 25-27. The Italian started strongly in the next end, 10-9-9, but COETZEE scored 29 points to lead with a 4-point margin, 57-53.

LONGO shot a perfect 30 in the third end. However COETZEE shot 9-8-10 to maintain a 1-point lead, 84-43. Anything was possible before the last three arrows. The young Italian shot 9-9-9 on the left side of the target. COETZEE started with 9 and x10. She needed an 8 to go to the final and didn’t let the pressure bother her: x10! The South-African will fight for the gold!

Semifinal: Camilla SOEMOD (DEN) vs Albina LOGINOVA (RUS)
This semifinal featured two experienced athletes who are in very good shape at the moment. Both competed at the last World Championships in Leipzig, where LOGINOVA was 2nd and SOEMOD 11th. The Russian recently placed 4th at the Summer Universiade in Belgrade and 3rd at the World Cup event in Shanghai. She lost in the semifinal to Camilla SOEMOD (116-114) who went on to win the competition. The Dane was the Outdoor European champion in Athens 2006 and Indoor European champion in Jean (ESP) the same year. She recently placed 3rd in Antalya and will compete at the World Cup final in Copenhagen later this month.

In the semifinal, LOGINOVA shot a good first end at 10-x10-8, but SOEMOD took the lead with her perfect 10-10-x10. The two archers scored 28 points in the next end. SOEMOD still led by 2 points, 58-56.

LOGINOVA recovered 1 point in the third end, scoring 29 to SOEMOD’s 28. The Russian trailed 85-86.

LOGINOVA started the last end with 9-10 while SOEMOD shot 9-9, resulting in a tie going into the last arrow. Both archers then shot a 9 to tie at 113. In the shoot-off LOGINOVA scored a 10 quickly matched by SOEMOD. The Russian continued with another 10. This time SOEMOD might have felt the pressure and shot a 9. LOGINOVA qualified for the gold medal final against Jorina COETZEE!

   Camilla SOEMOD (DEN) vs Albina LOGINOVA (RUS)
Bronze Medal: Laura LONGO (ITA) vs Camilla SOEMOD (DEN)
The World Cup finalist in Copenhagen SOEMOD still had something to shoot for today: a bronze medal. However she had LONGO on the way. SOEMOD had the best start leading 29-28, but LONGO came back with nine 10s in a row (!) to clinch the match 118-113.

The Crispin’s Corner:
This is a superb performance from LONGO! She seemed to shoot as smoothly as her male teammate Sergio PAGNI! SOEMOD now has to digest the defeat and to focus on the World Cup Final.

Gold Medal: Jorina COETZEE (RSA) vs Albina LOGINOVA (RUS)
LOGINOVA wanted to win the gold in Ulsan after her silver from Leipzig! The Russian shot first and had a good start, x10-9-x10 while COETZEE shot 9-9-9 (last arrow just out of the 10 ring). LOGINOVA led 29-27 and followed with a perfect 30 in the next end! Meanwhile, COETZEE only managed 9-8-8 to trail 52-59.

LOGINOVA increased her lead further in the third end: she shot 9-x10-9, while COETZEE scored 8-9-9. The Russian led 87-78. The young South African concluded with a good 9-9-x10. LOGINOVA shot 9 and x10, meaning she just needed a hit to win and she scored x10! It’s a second gold medal for LOGINOVA after she became team champion yesterday!

The Crispin’s corner:
LOGINOVA has the experience of this type of competition. Her experience was really showing in her scores: she could shoot lots of 10s. You could tell that COETZEE was nervous just by the way the size of her group was. Her shooting was generally good but not perfect and relaxed.

Vanahé ANTILLE / Crispin DUENAS
FITA Communication
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