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On-line Biographies System: How to Edit Archers Biographies

One of a newly added feature in FITA Management Console that a Member Association (MA) can do is to “edit archer’s info”.
This module is for the use of MAs, enabling them to change, to update and to modify archer’s biographies in the FITA database.
Naturally, each MA can only edit their own Federation’s archers. When a MA would like to modify some of their archers, they should apply to FITA through the Online Registration System (FORS) with the same login/password MAs use for FORS.
Then the MAs must enter the menu “List of Archers” (Fig. below).


Please kindly note a few fields has been added in 2008, such as Draw Weight and Draw Length. In 2008 (Olympics), it’s very important for FITA to have updated biographies for the Media, etc.
Please also put all archers that not really competing internationally anymore “Inactive” in the Status field.
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Last update: 30 April 2008
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